Covid-19 Update – 26 July 2020

This is not the update we had hoped to issue this week, most of you are probably wondering why the courts are not back up and running yet. 

Hopefully we will be up and running within July, but whilst we wait the reopening, it is a good opportunity to inform you of the new guidelines that ESR and KSR have set out.

Unfortunately TMActive have delayed this. As you can imagine there are a lot of measures to be checked, to ensure the safe return of indoor sport and in particular Squash and Racketball. They will be testing the ventilation system as this seems to be the only issue left to complete.

The key one is that we have to play a new Covid friendly version of both disciplines, it’s called ‘Sides’ and it effectively means that you cannot cross sides, one player is on the left and one on the right, one player serves the whole time and is the only one allowed to handle the play.

If you are playing someone from your household or support bubble you can play the sport as normal.

Here is a link to the ES page on the do’s and don’ts, in the middle is a video showing how to act in the club and how to play sides, this is the only way we can play for the next few months.

ES website

The link below is a comprehensive document from KSR, which completely sets out all the guidelines, please read this.

KSR document

The changing rooms and shower block will be closed.  When we do return, each player MUST arrive ready to play, bring their own water and use hand sanitisers that will be provided, after the game they must leave the area and go home to shower.

We will launch ‘sides’ boxes, at the moment we are investigating how to launch this and will update shortly.

Unfortunately for the moment we are not allowed to run club nights or the Saturday morning junior sessions.

Brighter News

One-to-one coaching and small group coaching are both allowed, and we are delighted to announce that Chris Gorman will be our dedicated club coach. Going forward he will be offering adult and junior coaching and has a tonne of exciting ideas to get coaching at the club firmly back on the map. Chris is passing his level 3 shortly and this standard of coaching is only offered at a handful of clubs in the South East, so we are very proud of this new development. More details will follow from Chris, but this will start imminently.

As soon as we know the reopening date we will let everyone know, hopefully this will be sooner than later.

Have a great Sunday.