Poult Wood Sumner Malik event – report

What a fun day! Thanks to everyone who took part and to others who could not play but supported with contributions, messages and by coming along to spectate. Joining the Poult Wood players we had visitors from Limpsfield, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Leinster, making it our first international tournament!

You can see the make up of the teams and the format on the attachment and the overall results were:

1st Dessouky’s Dodgy Drops – 31 points -Crichton, Hicks, Terrell (T), Ansari and Skopets (Y)
2nd Serme’s Serve Outs – 30 points – Flanagan, Hooper, Joskas and Skopets (T)
3rd Massaro’s Miss Hits – 29 points – Kehoe, Worrall, Terrell (S) and Moss

We had some very good contributions to the event’s smooth running with Andrew Moss helping coordinate the matches, Mark Crichton, Sam Cleaver and James Flanagan keeping a good eye on their teams and all the games in general. Sophie Terrell for playing when under the weather, Martin for standing in as a reserve and Timmy for keeping the courts and balls warm during gaps in play! It was good to get some non-squash players out with Toby and Yuriy starring in a dad’s match (certainly beats the usual sports day parents event) and to have Oscar Kehoe showing James how squash is played in Ireland! Finally, thanks to everyone taking their turn marking and updating the score board plus TM Active and Azra Catering for their support.

The joint aims of the day were to enjoy a good club based event and to support Sumner Malik through contributing to his treatment and good time fund. Both objectives were achieved with some close and entertaining matches at all standards and very generous contributions from members. Overall after payment of modest expenses to run the day, we raised a magnificent £638. This will go to Sumner’s fund in the name of Poult Wood Squash Club.

Thanks to everyone who took part. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to a similar event in next year’s calendar.