World Squash Day ~ Laura vs Nick

World Squash Day celebrations kicked off yesterday with our juniors taking part in the Laura Massaro vs Nick Matthew challenge. 

The idea is to get as many players back to clubs playing as possible. You pick an opponent, pick a team (Laura or Nick) and log the result on squash levels. 

Members of Poultwood get free squash level membership, others can get a 30 day free trial. 

If we can get 50 players at Poultwood (affiliated to Poultwood on squash levels) taking part (registering at least one match) then the club will get 120 squash balls to use for our competitions and other events that we have planned when things return to normal. 

If you don’t play friendlies but you play in the squash box leagues. Just duplicate one of your results on squash levels. 

1 – Go to

2 – Login or create an account – check your affiliated with Poultwood.

3 – Click add result.

4 – You will get this screen. If it’s a league match or you don’t want your squash levels adjusted then tick the sides tick box option.

You can add as many results as you like. As a relatively small club we would like to finish as high up the leaderboard as possible. This is the current leaderboard by club.