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Squash & Racketball boxes

The club runs competitive and fun box leagues in both squash and racketball.

They run on monthly cycles, with promotions and relegations after each, so you are grouped with other members of a similar standard to ensure good matches.

The boxes are suitable for players of all abilities and experience – all the way up to club team standard.

The leagues are linked to the excellent SquashLevels and Racketball Levels which provides detailed match histories as well up-to-date rankings against other players within the club and the across the country.

Squash Levels

SquashLevels (and similarly Racketball Levels) gives players a rating number – their level – to provide a measure by which to compare the playing standards.

Ratings are recalculated after each match result is recorded in the club on-line boxes so you have instant feedback on your performance.

Dependent on which Squash Levels membership you chose, you will have access to numerous statics about your match history.

Club membership provides free membership of Squash levels and Racketball Levels via your England Squash membership (which comes with your club membership).