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August Club Nights

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer, due to holidays and court restrictions the August club nights are slightly amended. The most significant one is that the Ladies club night will switch to the 3rd Wednesday, on the 17th, as Rachel and Katie are both away this week.

With quite a few people away we have also restricted the nights to 3 courts, please see the dates below.

On the 10th we won’t be using court 2 as the temporary repair on the floor has failed and will be fixed shortly, the court will be blocked until it’s repaired. As court 2 is closed, the club night on the 10th will start on court 3 and 4 at 18.30.

10th August

Court 3 + 4 18.30 until 20.30

Court 1 19.00 until 21.00


Ladies Night 17th August

Court 2 19.00 until 20.00

Court 3 + 4 19.30 until 20.30

24th August

Court 1 +2 19.00 until 21.00

Court 3 19.30 until 20.30

The bar will be open for all the nights, please try to use this facility. I’m away for all nights but I’m sure someone from the committee will be in attendance.



Squash Stars for Kids

28th April 2022

The good news just keeps coming!

We are excited to announce that Poult Wood Squash and Racketball Club will be launching Squash Stars from 9th June!


What is Squash Stars?

Squash Stars is a brand new, unmissable junior programme for kids aged 5-11. This six-session programme encourages your child to build fundamental skills such as hand-eye coordination, racket work, movement, balance, and match play Each Squash Stars session will be led by our trained leader, Katie Bennett and will give your child the chance to explore, play, and make friends in a fun and safe setting. We want to help them soar in every aspect of their life and that starts with a positive experience with sport.

What does your Squash Star get?

For just £42, your child will get six sessions and a kit bag which includes a racket, ball, Squash Stars t-shirt and a pair of goggles straight to your door.


When will Squash Stars run?

Squash Stars will run from 9th June to 7th July from 4:00 – 4:45pm. Our last session on 7th July will run as a double session from 4:00 – 5:30pm.


Why should my child try Squash Stars?
Squash will leave your child beaming from ear to ear. Squash provides an inclusive space where they can truly belong. It’s also an indoor sport, so they can avoid the unpredictable British weather and stay warm on our courts! By taking part in Squash Stars, your child will benefit in many ways:

  • They’ll have tonnes of fun whilst being active and learning something new.

  • It’s an opportunity to make friends outside of school.

  • They can put their new skills into practice and head to the court as a family, giving you an opportunity for extra quality time together.

  • The sessions boost confidence and encourages them to reach for the stars.

How do I book?

Please book directly through

For any further information, please email

Ladies Club Night Launch!

28th April 2022

We’d like to introduce our plans to increase women and girls participation in PWSRC, with the launch of a new Ladies Club night on the first Weds of each month – starting from June 1st.

We’re keen to promote women’s participation in squash and racket ball in the club, from juniors to seniors. We want to make sure that the Club appeals to the whole community – whether that is girls at school or college, those who want to try out the sport for the first time, or mums who are returning to the sport after bringing up children. We both know from our own experience that it can be a bit daunting picking up a new sport, or returning after a break – and whilst the PWSRC Club Nights are brilliant, not all of us may have the confidence to turn up to play.

The new Ladies Club nights aim to provide a supportive, non-judgemental and fun way for women and girls to pick up the sport. So whether you want to develop a new skill, get fit and feel good, or have just have fun and a develop a new social activity, we think that there’s something for everyone at PWSRC.


Our monthly PWSRC Ladies Club nights will:

• Run from 7.30 – 9pm on the 1st Weds of the month (initially starting with two courts)

• Have coaching available if there is a demand for it, whether you are a beginner or just looking to build your skills

• Provide an opportunity to play racket ball as well as squash

• Use a WhatsApp group to help new players at the club to make their own contacts and arrange additional games

• Sessions will be FREE for the first 3 months (after that we will review – but by then we hope that you’ll all be ready to join the Club!)


We’ll make sure that we have a few spare rackets for those who might be new and don’t yet have their own.


In addition we will offer a Squash Buddy system to support women who want to try out the club. Existing members Katie Bennett and Rachel Lambert will be available for up to 2 sessions to those women or girls who are interested in joining the club, but want to try it out first. We hope to add other squash buddies in due course!


Finally, for those who want a more structured opportunity to improve their squash skills, Katie Bennett will be available for individual coaching sessions.


We will have our own email address at the club, this ties into the England Squash incentive, any queries please email us here.

So please spread the word amongst your family and friends and we look forward to seeing a great turn out on June 1st.

Rachel Lambert

Katie Bennett

Covid Update – July 2021

PWSRC now fully open

TMActive have announced to full opening of the squash courts and facilities as follows.

Squash Courts
Courts will be available to book from 8am – 8.30pm and will return to one-hour bookings – two courts bookable on the hour and two on the half-hour. For courts already booked the time will remain the same.

Sanitiser spray will remain available and we request that customers continue to sanitise all contact areas when they have finished their game.Spectator area will be available to use but suggest no more than 3 people per court (12 total) in this area.

Enhanced staff cleaning will continue in the squash court area.

Changing Rooms and toilets. 

Changing rooms, lockers and showers will be fully available.

Toilets will return to full use.

Restaurant opening times will be 8am – 10pm.

The one-way system will no longer be in operation.

Customers will now be able to order drinks and meals at the bar and meals will be served at tables.

The current menu will remain in place initially with a new menu to be launched in August.

Customers are still requested to wear masks when moving between tables and the bar.



Club Nights Are Back!!

We are very happy to announce that Club Nights are returning and from this Wednesday, the 9th June. We have agreed with TMActive certain conditions. Until we have been given the all clear, club nights will be a maximum of 12 people, so it is essential that you inform us of your intention to attend. This will be done on a first informed basis. Hopefully this limit will only be in place until the June 21st reopening of the country.

There can only be a limit of 2 players on court and 2 on the balcony socially distanced. When not on court a mask is required. A committee member will sanitise the doors and the balconies at the end of evening.

Court times are as follows: Court 2 18.45 until 21.00, Court 3 19.15 until 21.00 and Court 4 18.30 until 21.00.

So for the moment the club night starts at 18.30, which with a lot of us working from home, should be a bonus. The bar is now open as well so we should be able to have a drink on the outside balcony, in our squash attire, as changing rooms remain off limits.

Club Nights will run, as before, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, these are the dates of the next 4 months.

9th June, 23 June, 14 July, 28 July, 11 August, 25 August, 8 September and 22 September 2021.

Please let me know asap if you intend to attend, please also let me know if you then can’t, as we will run a waiting list. Please send replies to

Poultwood finishes 1st in Laura vs Nick England Squash Challenge

Team Laura vs Team Nick England Squash challenge launched on World Squash Day (10th October 2020) and lasted one month with players from around the globe invited to join in on the action and record their scores via SquashLevels.

The first club to record 50 matches was to win 200 squash balls. Poultwood was comfortably first to reach that goal, thank you to all our members for getting involved. 

England Squash & Dunlop Squash sent us not only 200 squash balls but also:

Junior Mini-Squash balls

15 x Dunlop England Squash Rackets

England Squash Kit bag

Thanks to England Squash. Some of this kit will be offered as prizes in our upcoming competitions. 

Covid Update – May 2021

Squash and Racketball Boxes

So this is the great news we’ve been waiting for, the reopening of the club. We are now just a couple of weeks away from the relaunch of the squash and racketball boxes. Pending the announcement, from Boris Johnson, we should be reopening the club on the 17th/18th May.

With this in mind we are now starting to prepare the boxes for the relaunch. The boxes will be played in the same way as last year, so 5 – 6 players in each box. Promotions and relegations as normal, without the need for bubbles.

Both the squash and the racketball boxes will start on the 17th/18th May (TM Active dependant) and will run for 4 -5 weeks. Eventually we will restore the timing of the past. Where the squash boxes start on the 1st of each month and the racketball league on the 15th of each month. We find this makes it easier for members to join both boxes, if they so wish to.

If you want to join the squash boxes, email

If you want to join the racketball boxes, email

For the moment the changing rooms will remain closed, hopefully this will be reversed by the end of June, assuming we stay on course with the government projections. Masks must be worn, entering and leaving the centre and as before we need to leave the courts 5-10 minutes early to allow cleaning of the handles etc. The online booking should be open approximately 4 -5 days before the reopening. Club nights are still not allowed, this again should be reversed by the end of June.

We appreciate it’s been a long time coming, but getting back on to the courts is just around the corner and I’m sure you are as keen as us to get the boxes restarted in the best way with competitive and enjoyable matches.

Covid update – April 2021

The Government’s ‘Covid19 roadmap’ remains on track and we are hopeful a return to adult squash will be permitted soon. Unfortunately the nature of our sport means our ability to return safely is not at the same pace as other sports and unlike some other clubs who own their own venue we are additionally bound by the decisions of TMActive.

The good news is that junior coaching is able to resume and specific court access has been agreed – See separate email sent from Chris.

Unfortunately, access to the courts remains closed for all other users and the initial indication from TMA is that a re-opening will not occur until later in May. The committee are in regular contact with Kent and England Squash and are making representations and suggestions to TMA on how a safe return can be achieved. It is frustrating that golf is taking place and outside use of the bar area will be possible from Monday but it is also understandable that they do not want to facilitate us running around, breathing heavily in a small indoor area.

The moment we hear of any changes to the position of the courts reopening, we will inform you.

***Please remember to follow our social media channels – we’re dragging ourselves into 2021 and we’re now on Instagram. Follow us on facebook and Instagram – poultwoodsquash***

The Committee

World Squash Day ~ Laura vs Nick

World Squash Day celebrations kicked off yesterday with our juniors taking part in the Laura Massaro vs Nick Matthew challenge. 

The idea is to get as many players back to clubs playing as possible. You pick an opponent, pick a team (Laura or Nick) and log the result on squash levels. 

Members of Poultwood get free squash level membership, others can get a 30 day free trial. 

If we can get 50 players at Poultwood (affiliated to Poultwood on squash levels) taking part (registering at least one match) then the club will get 120 squash balls to use for our competitions and other events that we have planned when things return to normal. 

If you don’t play friendlies but you play in the squash box leagues. Just duplicate one of your results on squash levels. 

1 – Go to

2 – Login or create an account – check your affiliated with Poultwood.

3 – Click add result.

4 – You will get this screen. If it’s a league match or you don’t want your squash levels adjusted then tick the sides tick box option.

You can add as many results as you like. As a relatively small club we would like to finish as high up the leaderboard as possible. This is the current leaderboard by club.


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