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Poultwood finishes 1st in Laura vs Nick England Squash Challenge

Team Laura vs Team Nick England Squash challenge launched on World Squash Day (10th October 2020) and lasted one month with players from around the globe invited to join in on the action and record their scores via SquashLevels.

The first club to record 50 matches was to win 200 squash balls. Poultwood was comfortably first to reach that goal, thank you to all our members for getting involved. 

England Squash & Dunlop Squash sent us not only 200 squash balls but also:

Junior Mini-Squash balls

15 x Dunlop England Squash Rackets

England Squash Kit bag

Thanks to England Squash. Some of this kit will be offered as prizes in our upcoming competitions. 

Covid Update – May 2021

Squash and Racketball Boxes

So this is the great news we’ve been waiting for, the reopening of the club. We are now just a couple of weeks away from the relaunch of the squash and racketball boxes. Pending the announcement, from Boris Johnson, we should be reopening the club on the 17th/18th May.

With this in mind we are now starting to prepare the boxes for the relaunch. The boxes will be played in the same way as last year, so 5 – 6 players in each box. Promotions and relegations as normal, without the need for bubbles.

Both the squash and the racketball boxes will start on the 17th/18th May (TM Active dependant) and will run for 4 -5 weeks. Eventually we will restore the timing of the past. Where the squash boxes start on the 1st of each month and the racketball league on the 15th of each month. We find this makes it easier for members to join both boxes, if they so wish to.

If you want to join the squash boxes, email

If you want to join the racketball boxes, email

For the moment the changing rooms will remain closed, hopefully this will be reversed by the end of June, assuming we stay on course with the government projections. Masks must be worn, entering and leaving the centre and as before we need to leave the courts 5-10 minutes early to allow cleaning of the handles etc. The online booking should be open approximately 4 -5 days before the reopening. Club nights are still not allowed, this again should be reversed by the end of June.

We appreciate it’s been a long time coming, but getting back on to the courts is just around the corner and I’m sure you are as keen as us to get the boxes restarted in the best way with competitive and enjoyable matches.

Covid update – April 2021

The Government’s ‘Covid19 roadmap’ remains on track and we are hopeful a return to adult squash will be permitted soon. Unfortunately the nature of our sport means our ability to return safely is not at the same pace as other sports and unlike some other clubs who own their own venue we are additionally bound by the decisions of TMActive.

The good news is that junior coaching is able to resume and specific court access has been agreed – See separate email sent from Chris.

Unfortunately, access to the courts remains closed for all other users and the initial indication from TMA is that a re-opening will not occur until later in May. The committee are in regular contact with Kent and England Squash and are making representations and suggestions to TMA on how a safe return can be achieved. It is frustrating that golf is taking place and outside use of the bar area will be possible from Monday but it is also understandable that they do not want to facilitate us running around, breathing heavily in a small indoor area.

The moment we hear of any changes to the position of the courts reopening, we will inform you.

***Please remember to follow our social media channels – we’re dragging ourselves into 2021 and we’re now on Instagram. Follow us on facebook and Instagram – poultwoodsquash***

The Committee

World Squash Day ~ Laura vs Nick

World Squash Day celebrations kicked off yesterday with our juniors taking part in the Laura Massaro vs Nick Matthew challenge. 

The idea is to get as many players back to clubs playing as possible. You pick an opponent, pick a team (Laura or Nick) and log the result on squash levels. 

Members of Poultwood get free squash level membership, others can get a 30 day free trial. 

If we can get 50 players at Poultwood (affiliated to Poultwood on squash levels) taking part (registering at least one match) then the club will get 120 squash balls to use for our competitions and other events that we have planned when things return to normal. 

If you don’t play friendlies but you play in the squash box leagues. Just duplicate one of your results on squash levels. 

1 – Go to

2 – Login or create an account – check your affiliated with Poultwood.

3 – Click add result.

4 – You will get this screen. If it’s a league match or you don’t want your squash levels adjusted then tick the sides tick box option.

You can add as many results as you like. As a relatively small club we would like to finish as high up the leaderboard as possible. This is the current leaderboard by club.


PWSRC Box leagues recommence

I hope you have had a good summer and have tried to get back on court.

We have some good news, the 2nd phase of England Squash is just about to start, on the 1st September. The key part of phase 2 is the allowance of a squash/racketball bubbles. This means you can play regularly with 5 other players, normal competitive matches, not sides!

We therefore will be relaunching the boxes, for the time being there will be no promotion or relegation, the boxes will be made up of 6 players per box and will be refreshed on a monthly basis.
It will be linked to squash/racketball levels.

To join a box ,or boxes if you are playing both disciplines, please email Tony Hooper for Squash league on or for racketball email 

We hope to launch the boxes this week, so please reply asap.


Andrew and Tony

Covid-19 Update – Monday 3rd August: Courts to open from Tuesday 4th August

Please follow the guidelines on the way to play, as set out on the ES link and KS link below. The courts we can use are:

Court 1: Booking on the hour

Court 3: Booking on the quarter past the hour

Court 4: Booking on the half hour.

Court 2 has been decommissioned at the moment, to store cleaning equipment and other items related to Covid. Please note the courts are 1 hour but only 45 mins of play to enable staff 15 mins to clean.

It’s very important we follow the rules, to ensure the courts remain open, we are aware of other clubs that were opened, but quickly closed again and we really don’t want that to happen at PW.

Booking courts is via the TM Active as usual and we have instructions on our website here if you need to set up an account –

Chris has kindly put some solo drills and coaching routines on his instagram page, find him at cgsquash to get you back to being match fit!

Some of you would have received the email from TMActive if you are subscribed to their golf updates, if not here it is.

I’m away now until the 22nd August but I hope you can get back on the courts and enjoy playing this new variation. We will discuss internally when the boxes will launch but I would think from the beginning of September.

See you soon


Covid-19 Update – 26 July 2020

This is not the update we had hoped to issue this week, most of you are probably wondering why the courts are not back up and running yet. 

Hopefully we will be up and running within July, but whilst we wait the reopening, it is a good opportunity to inform you of the new guidelines that ESR and KSR have set out.

Unfortunately TMActive have delayed this. As you can imagine there are a lot of measures to be checked, to ensure the safe return of indoor sport and in particular Squash and Racketball. They will be testing the ventilation system as this seems to be the only issue left to complete.

The key one is that we have to play a new Covid friendly version of both disciplines, it’s called ‘Sides’ and it effectively means that you cannot cross sides, one player is on the left and one on the right, one player serves the whole time and is the only one allowed to handle the play.

If you are playing someone from your household or support bubble you can play the sport as normal.

Here is a link to the ES page on the do’s and don’ts, in the middle is a video showing how to act in the club and how to play sides, this is the only way we can play for the next few months.

ES website

The link below is a comprehensive document from KSR, which completely sets out all the guidelines, please read this.

KSR document

The changing rooms and shower block will be closed.  When we do return, each player MUST arrive ready to play, bring their own water and use hand sanitisers that will be provided, after the game they must leave the area and go home to shower.

We will launch ‘sides’ boxes, at the moment we are investigating how to launch this and will update shortly.

Unfortunately for the moment we are not allowed to run club nights or the Saturday morning junior sessions.

Brighter News

One-to-one coaching and small group coaching are both allowed, and we are delighted to announce that Chris Gorman will be our dedicated club coach. Going forward he will be offering adult and junior coaching and has a tonne of exciting ideas to get coaching at the club firmly back on the map. Chris is passing his level 3 shortly and this standard of coaching is only offered at a handful of clubs in the South East, so we are very proud of this new development. More details will follow from Chris, but this will start imminently.

As soon as we know the reopening date we will let everyone know, hopefully this will be sooner than later.

Have a great Sunday.



PWSRC World Squash Day Tournament 2018

Hi All,

Thank you to all the juniors that came along on Saturday and joined in the World Squash Day tournament we set up. Results are below and it was very tight!!

5th Place – Team F – 193 Points
Liea Nash
Jasper Hazell
Benedict Keen
Will Vickery

Joint 4th Place – Team D and Team E – 215 Points
Sammy Nash
Ella Cooper
Alex Rayment
Josh Butler

Freddie Nash
Isaac Banham
Scott Lopes
James Harle

3rd Place – Team C – 220 Points
Thomas Askey
Moritz Baer
James Williams
Timmy Skopets

2nd Place – Team A – 221 Points
Jacob Lawton
Sophia Johannes
Max Turpin
Oliver Paler
Alfie Peacock

1st Place – Team B – 228 Points
Mariella Johannes
Libby Cooper
Ben Usherwood
Oliver Lewin

It was all for a bit of fun but for us as coaches it was great to see some really good squash being played throughout all the groups.

We have a 2 week break now so the next session will be on the 3rd November. We look forward to seeing you all then

Many thanks
The Coaches

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